Our view of Wastwater on our last visit

Our view of Wastwater on our last visit

Grace came to me with the idea to walk up Scafell Pike for Sports Relief… I was somewhat surprised but suitably impressed. In October last year we went to Wastwater and walked up Yewbarrow…however we got about 100 metres from the top and both had a bit of a wobble – strong winds, shale underfoot and very steep climbs and drops on two sides – made us decide to sit on ledge, have a cup of tea, and then turn back and navigate the cows instead! We had a fantastic day though and spent time wading through bogs, playing in the river and then finding a wonderful tea and cake shop (which is always on our agenda!).

However this time we are going to have to finish it – we have been avidly collecting sponsorship (you can donate here kind folk https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/gracebarnes), i’ve bought new sleeping bags, waterproofs for madam, a compass (just need to learn how to use it!), and a waterproof cover for my rucksack, which I have been meaning to buy for years …. it must be getting serious now!

I have however started to think about the planning for this trip in line with planning for a home birth! So many different views on it, which everyone has loved to share with me:

‘ Wow you’re brave’, ‘do you have the emergency number in case you need it?’, ‘how far away is the nearest hospital’, ‘are you sure about this?’ ‘I was terrified when I did it, you must be mad’, ‘do you have a first aid kit with you’, ‘I have absolutely no desire to do that at all’, ‘Wow that is amazing, what a great time you’ll have’ ‘good for you what a great experience you are giving Grace’.

I have walked up lots of bigs hills in the last few years, but never the highest one in England or right to the summit of a big one just with my daughter. So in some ways it is like giving birth – I won’t know what it is like until I have done it. And I am sure when we reach the summit there will be some amazingly rewarding views and maybe four wobbly legs!

So in the true homebirth spirit, we’ll be batting off the negative comments, getting everything we need together, making sure all the self belief is engrained in our brains and supporting each other for a day of adventure!

Come back next week for some pics and and update and if you can spare a couple of pounds please don’t forget to sponsor us.

Thank you

Heather & Grace xx

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