using aromatherapy at home

Using aromatherapy at home is easy and accessible!

Using aromatherapy at home day to day is easy and uncomplicated.  Many people want to know how to use aromatherapy to support their emotional, physical and spiritual health day to day. It is very simple, and the biggest hurdle for many may be actually ensuring you have a wide range of oils to hand. So start by buying a few lovely essential oils, and start with the ones that you adore the smell of, along with lavender and tea tree as they have such a wide range of uses.

Lavender – put a few drops in the bath – great for both emotional and physical relaxation, healing cuts, bruises, spots, skin conditions, tooth ache, mouth ulcers, relieving aching muscles, boosting the immune system and general all round health. It can also be used neat on the skin for spots and cuts.

Tea tree – again great to put a few drops in the bath to boost the immune system, combat infections, can be used down the sink or toilet, and added to floor and counter sprays to disinfect the areas.

Frankincense – a wonderful oil to aid relaxation; put a few drops in the bath (along with 200grams of Epsom salts really help you relax and switch off), burn in an oil burner (6 drops with water) or blend in a carrier oil or base cream to make a body or hand lotion. Frankincense is also great for coughs and colds and clearing the airways, so again burning in a oil burner, or inhaling from an aromastick (see my list of products for sale here) or from a few drops on a tissue. It is also a beautiful tonic for aging skin and can be added to base face creams.

Geranium – a flowery feminine oil which is wonderful for balancing the hormones and lifting the spirits. A few drops in the bath can do just this, so great to use before and during menstruation, and also at times of life such as the teenage years, menopause, when trying to conceive and if one is feeling generally out of balance.

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