Heather is a wonderfully calm and sensitive therapist. She has a “down-to-earth” manner when dealing with clients that immediately puts one at ease. Using her listening skills to really understand what the client needs and expects from a treatment is both comforting and reassuring. The treatment environment is always welcoming and serene with candles and incense to relax your mind. This sets the tone for a peaceful and soothing experience. Whether you are booking a ritual as a treat or as a means to aid relaxation; have no doubt that you will be transported to a state of bliss! I have no hesitation in recommending her skills for whatever holistic therapy you choose.

Helen D

Very relaxing and took the strain out of modern day living, high recommended!

Mervyn B

It is so important to make quality time for yourself when juggling work and life day to day activities. Heather’s aromatherapy massages give you that quality time out needed, professional and relaxing. So much more than a massage, as Heather will talk through simple lifestyle changes that offer a holistic view of your life, and how to improve the quality, from nutrition to relaxation. Book and enjoy!

Cathy B

I went to Heather for regular aromatherapy massage during both of my pregnancies and after. Not only did it relax me but it improved my state of mind and well-being in an uplifting way. It eased away niggling aches and pains throughout, as well as improving the condition of my skin. I didn’t get one stretch mark neither and both births were natural, quick and drug-free. A true pamper mentally and physically. Heather also made me feel completely at ease in a comforting atmosphere. I honestly feel it prepared me for two beautiful experiences. I’m not sure if it was all in my head but my babies smelt gorgeous at birth too!! Highly recommend! Thank you so much Heather.

Lorraine S