As from 2018 Heather will be offering Natural Health Walks.  These walks will be an opportunity to walk in nature and practice mindful techniques.  Research shows us that when we really switch off from the stresses of daily life and connect with the world around us, our health and well-being improves.  Heather will be running them on the last Sunday morning of every month and will post the details in the facebook group.

There are so many emotional, spiritual and physical health benefits to being out in nature and through the walks, therefore Heather will guide you to explore these, and how they can enhance your life.

Heather started walking in nature to reduce stress in her own life.  Since then, she has trained as a Walk for Health leader and a Natural Mindfulness Guide.  She also runs Yorkshire Yoga and Walking Weekends, leading walks around the Yorkshire Coastline.

During the walk you will be invited to join in mindful meditations, spend time in the trees, walking in silence for part of the walk and using all your senses to connect with nature.  Research has show that such activities reduce stress, increase physical and emotional well-being, give us the opportunity to reflect on issues we may be having in life and give us time for ourselves in the business of modern life.

Do get in touch with Heather to find out dates and book your free taster session.