Let’s talk cellulite … that horrible lumpy bumpy stuff on our bums, legs and as we get older, other places too!   If you are one of those lucky people that have never had it ….well, I’m jealous! However, massage treatment using essential oils can really help  banish it!

Unfortunately I do suffer from it, and have tried lots of things over the years. So what works and what doesn’t? We are all different so different things do work for different people, however there are some obvious things which I KNOW do work!

  • Massage treatment – it really works

  • Massage treatment using essential oils! My favourites are Grapefruit, fennel, juniper, rosemary, lemon and cypress. Choosing a blend of 3 and then adding it to a carrier oil at 3% dilution. And then USING it twice a day – that is the important bit, actually using it… so many of us buy lots of products and then use them once and give in.

  • Drink more water

  • Drink less alcohol and caffeine – this makes a huge difference to me

  • Eat less processed and more natural foods

  • Exercise more – walking and cycling are great. Its not just the movement and building muscle, but getting oxygen into our bodies and cells.  Trampolining is also great, and such good fun!

  • Dry skin brushing daily before you shower – brush towards the heart, start at the feet and move upwards and then down the arms and neck.  Gets the lymph moving and shifting those toxins.

Cellulite takes a long time to form and therefore isn’t going to disappear overnight – we need to be persistent and determined! Unfortunately the list above is the list of things in life which we know we should be doing, and can be hard work. However, fortunately there are so many positive side affects to making these changes. As well as shifting cellulite, the skin everywhere on the body will improve, concentration and memory will improve, digestion will be more effective, and actually life will be much better all-round. Most self help professionals say it takes 21 days to form good habits – that is only 3 weeks! It can’t be that hard eh!

Cellulite massage treatment essential oils Remember ... lots of water!

Remember – lots of water!

If you would like any essential oil blends, contact me and I can make you up bespoke blends which smell great and have lots and lots of benefits, including helping shift stubborn cellulite.