making the most of your massage treatment

Make sure you reap all the benefits of your massage

Getting the most from your massage treatment is important; there are so many wonderful benefits to massage, it is essential you reap them.  Having been an aromatherapist for 16 years, I have obviously massaged many people. I have also had the pleasure (and sometimes pain!), to receive many massages, and always try to experience different types of massages and natural therapies, when on holiday or travelling.

Over the years, I have often wondered why some people seem to relax so much more easily when having a massage, and therefore gain so much more from the treatment. We all have different ways of dealing with stress, varying abilities to ‘switch off’ and this changes throughout our life, depending upon the where we are at that time in our lives, and the reason for the stress. Obviously the massage therapist, environment and your health at the time, can have a huge impact on being able to relax during and after a massage.

I have therefore developed a check list, to support you to get the most from your massage treatment:

1)    Ensure you don’t have anything much to do after your massage, and don’t have to rush off – allow yourself the time to relax after the massage as well as during.

2)    Be honest about any health issues you may have, which you would like addressing – the more your therapist understands about you, the better she will be able to adapt the treatment for you and chose the right essential oils.

3)    Actively participate in choosing the essential oils for your massage – ask for an explanation of the therapeutic benefits of each oil, and ensure you love the smell. If you do not like the oils, you won’t enjoy the treatment as much.

4)    Be honest about your comfort levels during your massage – a good therapist will have your comfort as the top of his/her priorities. If you are too warm, too cold, need the toilet or an extra pillow let her know.

5)    Give him/her feedback if there is somewhere you don’t like being touched (I have one client that has particularly ticklish calves!!).

6)    If there is something you particularly loved or didn’t like about your massage, let him/her know too!

7)    If you have a piece of music you love, take it with you and ask her to play it. If you really don’t like the music she plays, let her know.

8)    Breathe! Use the breath to support you to relax during your massage. Starting your treatment by focusing on long, slow out breaths and relaxing into the table or chair. This begins the process of deep relaxation.

9)    Maybe think about running through a total body awareness relaxation throughout your massage. This helps you connect with all areas of your body, focus on relaxation, positive health, any areas of your body you need to work on and therefore gain the most from the healing process. This is a great site with some lovely relaxations you can practice before, during and after your treatment

10)    Don’t worry about hairy legs, wobbly bits, or hard skin on your feet! Your massage therapist’s only concern is ensuring that you have a wonderful experience, and she isn’t the slightest bit concerned about any of the above.

11)    Drink lots of water after your massage, to flush out any toxins and ensure you feel great later and the following day.

Enjoy – massage is such a wonderful way to relax, boost your health, and focus on yourself. What is there to stop you booking your massage today!